Saturday, September 13, 2008

Photography Practice: Beijing Olympics Cups

I have never been a real sports fan. When I watch some games, I do get excited and all, but it is also alright with me if I do not get to watch. It's no big deal for me. I know for many people, sports and supporting a team or two is very important. But not for me... I suppose that is because I am too lazy to do any sports myself. :)

Of course, perspective change when your kids are big enough to join sports. Now, I know participating in sports and games is very important, a very important part of growing up... but that is another story. Before I digress, let's go back to the Beijing Olympics.

Now, this is one show I definitely did watch - on TV. The Opening Ceremony is truly a must watch, if only to understand a little bit of China's history and culture. And one cannot help but be impressed with the pomp and pageantry that the Beijing people and government prepared.

I required my kids to watched too. It is important for me that they learn to appreciate their Chinese roots. They thoroughly enjoyed the show and even if it was already late (time for bed), they insisted on finishing the show. I have turned them into sports fans!

That is why, they were so excited to receive these Beijing Olympics Souvenir cups from Ah-pe (older brother of kids' dad). Thank you, Ah-pe! Ah-pe (Uncle) and cousins came back from a trip to Hong Kong and brought back these two cute dainty cups, one for Princess and one for Optimus Prime. Guess which is whose? :)


noobcook said...

aww these cups are adorable, you're lucky to have them! :D I love the opening too, it's spectacular ^^

Galatians 5:22 said...

Wow!! These cups are so cute!! I wish they're mine......sigh.... :)

mario b said...

wow!those cups are good souvenirs!wishi have a pair too!

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