Friday, November 28, 2008

Dulce De Leche Cheesecake

Hmmm... Dulce de Leche "Sweet Milk" made into a cheesecake. The ultimate sweet for this family. This is another cheesecake made by my fourth and fifth sisters. I will take the advice of my sweet friend Wiffy at Noobcook, she says, "eat first, diet later" just for this delicious sweet treat. :)

To ease guilt: the only guilty ingredient in this cheesecake is the sugar! Cheesecake and milk are good sources of calcium and other vitamins and minerals found in dairy. Ok, I am convinced. :)

Dulce de leche is a milk-based syrup, that can easily be prepared by slowly heating up sweetened condensed milk to create a syrup that is similar to caramel. Wiki-How gives us complete step by step instructions and several methods on how to prepare Dulce De Leche. Sisters used the first method, same as what they did when they made Banoffee Pie.

To make the dulce de leche. Remove the label from a large can of condensed milk. Boil and simmer the whole unopened can covered in water for 3 hours. (To economize, you can boil several cans at the same time. And use the other cans for the next recipe requiring dulce de leche.) When you open this "boiled" can of condensed milk, it becomes the creamy dulce de leche!

To make the cheesecake crust, mix crushed graham crackers with melted butter. Press this mixture into the spring-form pan. Press it well and up to the sides. Set aside.

For the cheesecake:

3 packs (8 oz each) Cream Cheese
1 C sugar
2 T flour

2 t vanilla
3 eggs
1/3 C fresh milk
1/2 C Dulce de Leche

more Dulce De leche for topping, as desired

1. In an electric mixer, combine softened cream cheese with the sugar and the flour. Beat very well.

2. Add in the eggs one by one, mixing well after each addition. Add in the milk and vanilla. Mix well.

3. Combine the half cup of dulce de leche with half cup of the cheesecake batter mix.

4. Pour the plain batter into the crust. Swirl dulce de leche-cheesecake mixture into the plain cheesecake batter using a fork.

5. Bake 325 F on baine marie (water bath) for 45 to 55 minutes or until it tests done in the center.

6. Cool for at least 20 minutes before topping with more dulce de leche.

7. Refrigerate before serving. It is actually best served the next day.

Am sharing this deliciously sweet Dulce de Leche with Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen who is celebrating her first year in blogosphere with the Sweet Celebrations event. Happy Bloggerversary Aparna! May your kitchen continue to churn out yummy and healthy dishes throughout the coming years! Looking forward to more bloggerversaries to come!!!


noobcook said...

Oh dear, you quote me for bad things haha ... with a cheesecake that looks so delicious, of course must eat! I love the new feature at the end of your blog post ... I chose yummy ;)

Aparna said...

I like what your friend said. Unfortunately, I'm now finding out that dieting is hard work. But when has that stopped me from "sampling" good food like your cheesecake.
Thank you for your kind words and celebrating with me.

mikky said...

definitely yummy for me... pooh, with a cheese cake like that, for sure, eat first, second, third... then diet... lol...

anudivya said...

Dieting is surely not for me... this looks sinful

iska said...

mee, too! i'd go for "full" diet! haha!
looks really YUM!

ICook4Fun said...

I better not let my husband see this. He is crazy over dulce de leche as he grew up eating it. You are right, eat first diet later. Who can resist that!

tigerfish said...

I choose yummy too!

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Thanks Noobcook! My daughter added that feature. It is exciting for me that she is taking part in my activities, too!

I agree Aparna, dieting is hard work! :)

Hello Mikky! Thanks for your dupport, pooh to dieting, indeed! LOL!

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hi Anudivya! Hey! Its not sinful! As I said, it is full of calcium... ha ha ha!

Hello Iska! I agree, I agree! I agree to a "full diet!" LOL!

Hello Gertrude! Maybe you should serve this to your Hubby, too! :)

Thanks Tigerfish! :)

Little Inbox said...

I'm glad I found your blog. Lots of recipe you have. Thanks for sharing them. :)

Mediterranean kiwi said...

i love all cheesecakes, this one looks especially delicious

Dennis Villegas said...

Eat first, diet later. Lol. There is wisdom in it, hehehe..Thank you for sharing the recipe...
The cake looks yummy...;)
Btw, I would like to link you into my blog. Thanks

Sara said...

This looks great, I love cheesecake!

Leslie said...

This cheese cake is wonderful. ANYTHING w/ dulce de leche is HEAVEN!!!
Thanks for your comment on my blog about my answer your question on why they pulled away from the be honest I am not sure whay they did that? Some think it is from the cake being too moist??

Beachlover said...

your cheesecake look delicious!! I bought dulce de leche in can but didn't have the chance to bake anything yet! you're right,eat first,diet later!good motto! Lol!

Beachlover said...

your cheesecake look delicious!! I bought dulce de leche in can but didn't have the chance to bake anything yet! you're right,eat first,diet later!good motto! Lol!

Nazarina A said...

this cheesecake should have a rating R, it is so freaking good!

Ivy said...

Diet? I have forgotten what that word means. One piece of that cheesecake will not be enough as it looks so good.

Katie said...

Wow, that looks incredible!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

oh dear....sweet milk + cheese = yumm!!! that's my kinda math!

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Welcome Little Inbox! I'm glad I found your, too!

Hello Maria! I'm glad you like cheesecakes too!

Welcome Dennis! And thanks for the link!

Hello Sarah! Thanks for dropping by! :)

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hello Leslie! I'm glad to learn some tips about baking as I am still learning how to be a baker. :) Thanks!

Hello Beachlover Lesley! A ready-made dulce de leche in can? We do not have that here that is why we have to patiently cook the condensed milk for 3 hours!

Thanks Nazarina for the R rating!!! I'm so thrilled! LOL!

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Thanks Ivy! I should forget that "D" word, too! LOL!

Thanks Katie!

Thanks Rita! I think we had the same math teacher! LOL!

Usha said...

I love dulce de leche and dulce de leche in a cheesecake sounds like a good reason to break every rule regarding diet :-)

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hello Usha! I'm glad you agree!!! :)

Jude said...

Looks like boiling a can isn't as scary as I thought. I ought to give that a try or something.

lalaine said...

You got me at dulce! Looks delicious!

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hi Jude! I confess at the beginning, I thought it was going to explode or something. But apparently, it did not. It was safe! whew!

Hi Lalaine! Thanks! :)

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