Saturday, November 8, 2008

Seaweed Paste

Look what I found at the Taiwan Food and Trade Fair? It is seaweed paste! Being a big fan of seaweed, I cannot resist this bottle of condiment. :)

Why do we love seaweed? We believe it is one of nature's best foods. No cholesterol, no fats, it is a vegetable, and it is definitely organic! It is a detoxifier and a healing agent. Chinese medicine believes it boosts the immune system and decreases blood sugar levels (good as anti-diabetes).

Because it is from the sea, it is a very good source of iodine (for goiter prevention). Studies have found that it has curative properties against tuberculosis, arthritis, colds and influenza.

My problem?

This is the first time I have seen this seaweed paste. I am not sure how to use this yet! Do you have any suggestions? I would welcome all your experiences and suggestions regarding this condiment so that I can have some information before I start to experiment.

My other seaweed recipes:

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tigerfish said...

HOw does it look like? I am curious....a black mess ? ;p

mikky said...

hey, i also went with my mom... :)

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Yes, tigerfish, a black gooeey mess :) The internet says that the Japanese flavor their rice with it. But is that it? I was hoping you or Noobcook may be more familiar with it...

Hi Mikky! Its not a big fair, but there were lots of food! Did you enjoy?

noobcook said...

Hehe I have no idea as well ... stir inside porridge? Does it comes with Chinese words instructions? If so take a photo and we can help u read ;p

Soli Deo Gloria said...

There's no other Chinese instructions, Noobcook. The Chinese words are just the big labels in front.

Leslie said...

I got bored and decided to google seaweed paste (since I am eating this nommy stuff!) and then I came across this blog. Try it on toast, quite nice, and I think I may recall my mother putting it in some soup, but that's no different to using actual seaweed. Anyway.. Toast. Nom.

The Bark said...

I use the seaweed paste with bonito in onigiri.

Cathy said...

I had it on rice when I was a child. You can also put it in onigiri which is nice.
You can use it to make egg omlettes that look like this:

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