Monday, January 7, 2008

Ham Omelette

Hubby and I usually enjoy heavy breakfasts as we believe this would jump-start our day with enough energy needed for our everyday tasks. We received a lot of hams this holiday season. (Thank you very much to all our friends and families who shared the blessings of the season with us.) So, I thought of making Ham Omelet.

This Omelette recipe is very versatile. You can add any topping you want. Sometimes, I would just add sliced olives, chopped mushrooms and sliced bell pepper for a healthy vegetable omelette. Sometimes, I would use the left-over chicken or pork from the previous night dinner. For a real treat, I would stir fry some de-shelled shrimps in garlic and olive oil and use this as topping. I usually use grated mozarella cheese in my omelette as this would melt and provide a nice chewy texture. But I think the regular grated cheddar cheese would do as well. Enjoy!


2 eggs
2 T cream (but I usually use fresh milk)
1 T chopped garlic
2 T sliced onion
2 T diced bell peppers
3 T sliced button mushrooms
4 T diced tomatoes
4 T grated mozarella cheese
4 T diced cooked ham (substitute with cooked shrimps,or chicken or pork)
salt and pepper

1. In a bowl, whip eggs with fork. Add the cream or milk. This gives eggs a fluffy mixture. You can omit this if you want less calories. Season with salt and pepper. Please take note that cooked ham is already salty, so you might want to lessen the salt in this case. Continue whipping until well blended.

2. Pour egg mixture into a warm non-stick skillet. You can put a little oil first to prevent sticking. Spread the egg mixture evenly over the pan, lower the heat and maintain low heat throughout cooking.

3. Spread the ham over egg mixture, then all the rest of the ingredients, with mozarella cheese last. Cook slowly until eggs are set.

4. Fold egg over, serve warm, topped with grated cheese, if desired.

This omelette is quite versatile because you can use whatever topping ingredients you prefer, and in any amount you prefer. My listing of the ingredients above is just an estimate. For example, you do not particularly like garlic, then you may lessen the amount or totally omit it. Or if you prefer more tomatoes, then simply add more. If I am making an omelette for hubby, I have to put in more mushrooms. But for the kids, I have to totally omit the mushrooms. This recipe is also a good way to recycle the left-overs.

Update: August 27, 2008

I think Omelette spelled with the "tte" at the end is the French spelling. That is how I usually spell Omelette, until the google spell-checker suggested "Omelet" without the additional "tte." Since we are writing in English, maybe I should stick to the "Omelet"... but I don't know, "Omelette" sounds more sophisticated, doesn't it? :)

This updated post is my entry to the First 101 Recipe Series featuring Omelets. To join this foodie event, please check out Sangeeth's Art of Indian Cooking. You will definitely learn a lot from this blog!


Stephanie said...

Sounds yummy. I shall try tonight!

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