Thursday, January 22, 2009

Street Food Bangkok

In a post last week, I showed a very interesting, portable ice popsicle maker. (You may want to read about it here.) I asked readers to guess where it might be found. Jescel of Spice of Life, Wiffy of Noobcook and Rita of Mochachocolatarita got it right. I'm sure Wiffy and Rita had been to Bangkok because they got the answer right down to the specific market where the ice popsicle maker can be found!!!

Chatuchak market in Bangkok, Thailand boasts to be the biggest open-air weekend market/bazaar in Asia. It is actually quite an enormous place. We were not able to finish the whole place in a day. But it is also probably because of the heat. We started out in the morning. Shopping at that time was quite enjoyable. There was a little breeze. However, by noon, it was becoming unbearably hot. Take note, this is December. It is winter there. :) I wonder how hot it will get in summer. :) We opted to stay in the shade by this time, so, we were not able to see other interesting things. After lunch, there were a lot of people. As shoppers know, if a place is crowded, it is not that enjoyable to shop anymore. :) But the atmosphere is festive. Chatuchak sells a lot of things from clothes, to antiques to pets, flowers. Thai people claim that they have whatever you need in this market.

Of course, there were lots of food!!! Here are some of them.

Barbecues, barbeques everywhere you look!

Fried shrimps, fried quail eggs
(see the little sunny-side ups on the left?),
fried this and that...
enough to send our cholesterol high up the record...

and all of these are fried right there for people to see.

These are so "un-Thai" because they are so "Japanese" -sushis!
colorful, delicious, and filling!

The noodles are cooked right on the spot.

You can choose from the different flavored hot soup to add to your noodles.

Of course, the best part is the dessert!
Homemade coconut ice cream
with peanuts and fresh coconut meat.
This item sells a lot because the weather was quite hot.

Slices of the fragrant jackfruits.
Take note of the interesting, pyramid-shaped, plastic food cover.


The last picture might jolt the sensibilities of some people.
My kids were so shocked that they were selling these for food!!


Yes, I'm a coward. I can eat balut
(fertilized duck egg with fetus inside)
but I can never eat these insects and larvae and worms. Eeeww!


Navita said...

oh it looks like fried food

Mary said...

What beautiful pictures. We'll be in Thailand next month. I've put the market on my 'must see' list.

mikky said...

oh, how fun!!! would you believe that I've been to Bangkok several times but I have never been to Chatuchak Market... boy, I am missing a lot... this will definitely be in the agenda the next time I go... hmmm, wonder how I'll convince Hubby... lol...

Darlene said...

Oh goodness! This street food reminds me so much of the summers I spent there. The skewered meatballs were my favorite. They brush it with the sweet chili sauce. To die for! You've got me longing to visit. It's been years since we were last back and the family is dying to see Sonny.

BTW, the best time to go is during the "winter" months. It rains a lot in the summer, which means high humidity with intense heat. We'd love to get out there this Christmas and New year.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Pics show you are having yummy time....

Soma said...

well stacked & stocked! very colorful. I love love that iceream with fresh coconut meat.

never heard of eggs being eaten with fetus inside. i just cannot do it:-(

noobcook said...

haha, any prizes for guessing correct? ;) Your post really makes me miss bangkok a lot, hope to go back soon!

Lori Lynn said...

I love these photos. I regret that when I was in Bangkok I did not go to this market. Next time for sure!

The Malaysian Explorer said...

What wonder pictures and description of the market. Yes, we were there a few weeks back and it was fun. However as you mentioned, it was really crowded and you're right, not very pleasant to shop.

But we liked the food and the festive atmosphere.

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for quick facts and interesting information about Malaysia.

Ivy said...

OMG they eat those worms? The rest of the food looks good.

KC said...

I love the real coconut ice cream. Beautiful photos.

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Yes, Navita, lots of fried food! :D

Hope you enjoy your trip to Thailand, Mary! The market is only open on weekends :) and try to go in the morning.

Actually, Mikky, it is the festive atmosphere you are missing. The shopping is not that enjoyable because it is sooo hot! :D

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hi Darlene! Well.. I loved almost everything because everything was new! :) You're right. December-January is the better time to go. :)

Yes, Lubna, with my Hubby who is also a foodie, we got to taste different varieties of dishes! :D

Hi Soma! I love the coconut ice cream, too! But the worms, insects and larvae... ewwww!!!

Ha ha ha! Noobcook! I'm so poor I cannot afford a prize! yet? Does love and kisses to your hamsters qualify as a prize? :D

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hi Lori Lynn! At least you got to experience Bangkok! :)

Thanks for dropping by Malaysian Explorer!

Hi Ivy! I suppose they really eat those things or why would they be selling those fried insects? So eeeww!!! :D

Thanks KC! The ice cream is truly popular! :)

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