Monday, April 27, 2009

Chicken Ginseng Soup

For the Chinese, this is the ultimate comfort Chicken Soup - the one with Ginseng (Ren Shen).

The golden brown root you see in the above photo is ginseng. Ginseng in traditional Chinese medicine revitalizes the body energy, improves circulation, increases blood supply. If you ask the elderly people what other benefits ginseng has, they will be surprised why you have to ask such a question. It is good for you. It is the ultimate - the sovereign remedy to any illness anyone could ever have. Period.

Lately, Western researchers have started to study the nutritional benefits of ginseng and initial findings show that ginseng has anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties.

Ginseng is usually available in dried form, this should be available in Chinese or Asian stores. We usually steam ginseng sweetened with white fungus, or bird's nest. And it can also be added to chicken soup that will make this truly a comfort and energizing food for every member of the family.

This is a very easy to prepare soup. Just add all the ingredients to boiling water, simmer for an hour and you have a nourishing, energizing soup.

1 K chicken, chopped (preferably organic, or native)
4 pcs dried ginseng root
1 stalk leeks, washed, chopped
a knob of ginger, sliced
1 clove garlic
3 T Chinese wolfberry (Guo Qi Chi), optional

salt and pepper to taste

Sharing this nutritious soup featuring ginseng to the Weekend Herb Blogging community, headed by Haalo of Cook Almost Anything At Least Once. This edition is hosted by Marija of Palachinka. Check out her blog on Monday for the round-up!


Mary Bergfeld said...

Ning, as usual you've given me another great recipe. Thanks.

noobcook said...

Your soup looks so yummy. I can never have enough ginseng, never fail to perk me up when I'm tired.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ning, may I know what shop you bought your ginseng from, and how much it costs?

Midge said...

My Chinese friends have been telling me to eat chicken-ginseng soup for both my burnout and the depression that came along with it. Now I can actually make it at home; thanks for the recipe!

Soli Deo Gloria said...

You're welcome, Mary! :)

Thanks, Noobcook! I usually prepare ginseng for my tired, overworked Hubby :)

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hello Anonymous! I bought this pack of ginseng at Waltermart (would you believe?) in Xiamen, China. This costs around 20RMB for a 100gm pack. That would be around 140 pesos. I divided the ginseng roots into 5 portions. I cook 1 portion (around 5 roots) for every kilo of chicken used for a pot of soup. So, it is actually not expensive.

I also saw a pack of 100 gms ginseng being sold in Singapore for around 16 Singapore dollars. That would be around 500 pesos. Obviously, it is more expensive in Singapore :)

Here in the Philippines, I am sure you can find some in the Chinese groceries in Chinatown. I am just not sure about the price. You see, I do not often go there. Will try to ask around... :)

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hi Midge! Science cannot explain it yet. But Chinese traditional medicine believes in the power of ginseng. That is why, I often "hoard" ginseng on my travels to China :) I hope you get to try this! It is effective, promise! :)

african vanielje said...

tasty addition to WHB. I love soups like this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Ning! Well, please don't go through the effort of asking: with your description, I think that an estimate of around 350-500 pesos is accurate (halfway between Chinese and SIngaporean prices).

How do you select ginseng, BTW? And, do you eat it, or is it just there for flavor?

Thank you Ms. Ning!

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Thanks Vanielje! We love this soup, it is warm, filling and comforting! :)

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hello again, Anonymous!

I will be posting some pictures from our visit to the Singapore food fair, and I think I have a photo of a pack of ginseng somewhere there... :)

Actually, there are two kinds of ginseng, the red and the white. I prefer the red. It seems more fragrant for me. The red does not actually look red, (because those sold are already dried) more like gold brown to dark brown to deep maroon hues. Knowing the Chinese, the deeper red color, the more expensive the ginseng is. Supposed to be better grade...

But I buy through smelling... he he... If the ginseng smell is strong, it is good enough for me. The soup will surely be fragrant as well.

Once, I bought a pack with golden color and my mother-in-law says its fake. I asked her to smell it, and she cannot contest the fragrant smell...

Personally, I do not eat the ginseng after being simmered in the soup. It tastes bland :) But Hubby eats it for the fragrance/flavor... it is edible anyway :)

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