Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dou Miao (Snow Pea Sprouts) Stir Fry with Fish Fillet

It is the time of the year again, when we would have our taste of Dou Miao (snow pea sprouts/shoots). These Dou Miao that I am referring to are not the regular ones that look similar to mung bean sprouts, which are full of stem, crunchy but hard to chew. I am talking about this type of Dou Miao that has more leaves and known for its delicate taste. They look like this:

photo courtesy of evergreenseeds.com

This kind of Dou Miao is only available during winter. Because of its unavailability, it is considered a delicacy here in Asia. Last year, I made a stir fry dish with dried scallops. Recipe here.

Dou Miao with Dried Scallops Stir Fry

This year, brother-in-law (Ah-pe) came over our house and cooked a special dish for us: Hong Kong style Stir fry Dou Miao with Fish Fillets. Here's his recipe.

1 pack (around 250 gms) Dou Miao, washed
2 T cooking oil
5 T minced garlic
1 stalk leeks, chopped
3 slices of ginger
1 c chicken broth

2 pcs fish fillet, sliced thinly
salt and pepper, to taste
some cornstarch
1/2 C cooking oil

1. Heat up cooking oil in a wok or a cooking pan. Saute ginger until fragrant. Add in the garlic and chopped leeks. Stir fry for a while until fragrant, around 2 minutes.

2. Add in the Dou Miao. Stir fry until partially wilted. Add in the chicken broth. Cover and let boil. Stir frequently so that the vegetables may absorb the flavor of the broth.

3. When cooked, scoop up the vegetables onto a serving platter. Discard the broth.

4. Prepare the fish fillets by sprinkling salt and pepper (amount according to taste) on all sides. Then, sprinkle some cornstarch onto all the fish pieces as well.

5. Add oil to a hot wok or non-stick cooking pan. When heated, quickly stir fry the fish fillets. When done, ladle on top of the cooked Dou miao. Serve hot with jasmine rice.

Healthy and delicious!

Sharing this nutritious dish with the Weekend Herb Blogging community, headed and supervised by Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything At Least Once. This week, the event is hosted by Chris of Mele Cotte. To see last week's delicious dishes, please see the lovely round-up done by Cook the Books chief Rachel at the Crispy Cook.


lubnakarim06 said...

Something new...Never heard of this before. Looks yummy...

Mary Bergfeld said...

Ning, I'm going to give this a try. I've never seen the sprouts but I think I can get my Chinese market to get them for me. Beautiful dish.

Unknown said...

Yes, it does look delicious!!! I hope to get hold of this veggie soon... :)

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Dou Miao is one of my favourite leafy green. It is a delicacy, being quite expensive here as well. But it's oh so delicious. Looks great!

Oggi said...

This is one of my favorite green leafy vegetables. I didn't know these are pricey in some parts. I get it from our Korean grocery all year round, very cheap too.

I love your BIL's recipe!

Unknown said...

This is new for me, too! It looks truly delish Ning! Thanks for participating in this week's WHB. :)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I love snow pea shoots. I like the baby snow pea shoots too. The thinner version. So light and healthy.

My Asian Kitchen said...

love dou miao!! so soft and tender! I wanna a bowl of rice now!! yummy!

Navita (Gupta) Hakim said...

This is very heart warming...the greens n the protiens from the fish! lovely!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I really love dou miao...It's one of my top fave veggies... :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! the healthy leafy greens are superb! but did anyone also notice the dried scallops? it's what make the dish so flavorly expensive in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan & China. Yeah! Royal dish indeed!

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hi Lubna! We don't have this in this tropical country either. Hubby goes to Hong Kong during winter and that's when this veggie is available.

Hi Mary, I hope you get the sprouts with lots of leaves variety. Not the one with lots of stems :)

Hi Mikky! I hope you got to taste this in Hong Kong! :D

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hello JS! Agree! It is delicious. I suppose if we get to taste it only once a year, the price is worth it :)

Hello Oggi! Lucky you! Maybe I should live there?! :)

Thanks Cris! Looking forward to the round-up! :)

Soli Deo Gloria said...

I'm glad to know it is available there WC! and that you like it, too!

I'm glad you enjoy Dou Miao, Lesley! :)

Thanks, Navita!

Yeah, Galatians, even my kids love Dou Miao, it really tastes good, but it is our once a year indulgence. :)

Welcome Plainman! I know dried scallops are a delicacy; that is why I re-posted the recipe from last year's :D

noobcook said...

I haven't seen this type of dou miao here b4! Looks more like spinanch, and less hard than the regular dou miao. Hope to find them here :)

KC said...

So delicious. The last batch I bought was really tough. I'm growing my own peas this year.

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hope you do find them, Noobcook! These dou miao are quite a delicacy!

Great idea KC! I wish I can grow these as well, but they don't thrive in tropical weather. :)

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