Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Steamed Milkfish En (Faux) Papillote

I just love the phrase "en papillote." Sounds more sophisticated than "wrapped in parchment paper." Don't you think so? :) Since this fish is wrapped in foil, I had to put the word "faux" because I did not use parchment paper and I do not know the French term for foil. :)

Cooking "en papillote" is a method in which you seal the food in a pouch and bake (or grill, or steam, as what I did.) The food essentially steams and cooks in its own juices. Making the dish naturally tasty. Fish, having delicate meat, is perfectly suited to this technique. The method is also incredibly easy and has the added benefits of being a low fat method of cooking and easy to clean up. Healthy and easy are synonymous with this kitchen.

En Papillote usually uses parchment paper. But in my grandmother's kitchen, we have always used foil, which is convenient, spill-proof, and leak proof.

Some secrets to a succesful en papillote cooking are:

1) Always use fresh ingredients. The fish or meat will be cooked in its own juice, so if it is fresh, the dish will taste fresh. If the fish is not so fresh, the dish might turn out to be "fishy."

2) Use various fresh herbs and condiments that will naturally compliment the fish. This will bring out the natural taste of the fish and enhance instead of overpower the taste.

3) Adding white wine and olive oil would add a different dimension to your fish, though these are optional.

Here is what I did:

1) Cut a foil big enough to wrap and cover the whole fish.

2) Begin by laying out the deboned milkfish (you can use any kind of white fish fillet, or whole deboned fish) on the pre-cut foil.

3) Please refer to the topmost picture, sprinkle sea salt and red chilli peppers on the fish. Spread some chopped tomatoes, onions and garlic. I also added freshly cut dill from my balcony garden. Splash with 2 tablespoons of semi-dry white wine.

4) Close the fish, with all the herbs inside. See the second picture above. Fold the foil and close the edges together.

5) Steam in medium heat for around 15 minutes (depending on the size and thickness of your fish).

6) Serve immediately.

Result? Very, very tasty, naturally flavored, soft and flaky fish. Hubby declared it the best milkfish dish he had ever tasted.

Sharing this tasty and healthy dish with the Grow Your Own community. Grow Your Own is a twice a month food event headed by Andrea of Andrea's Recipes, to celebrate the foods we grow or raise ourselves and the dishes we make using our homegrown products. This edition's host is Rachel of The Crispy Cook. To see last week's delicious round-ups, please check out the round-up done by yours truly!


Anonymous said...

Yum! Did you use deboned milkfish? I don't like bangus because of the bones. So what I do is debone them first before steaming or grilling or frying...


Rachel said...

This is a beautiful and delicious looking GYO entry Ning! So the dill is from your own balcony garden, but did you catch the fish too?

Anonymous said...

This looks delicious. I like papillote cooking for all the same reasons you mentioned. It makes cleanup so much easier! And my family has always used foil too. It's cheaper and recyclable.

Anonymous said...

Lavender Rosemary or Vanilla sea salt would be lovely on this dish too! Thanks for the recipe.

Beachlover said...

oh!look reaLLY FRESH AND GOOD! love steam fish,give me fish every day,I'm happy!!.anyway.I done with the tag,hope you like it:))

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Yes, Gay! I have to use deboned milkfish all the time, my kids do not know how to eat the not deboned kind :)

Ha ha ha Rachel! I wish I have a fishpond where I can catch my own milkfish! This fish is cultured, by the way...

Hello Fearless Kitchen! I'm glad you find the foil convenient too!

Thanks for the tip, Secret Salts!

Thanks Lesley! Wow! you made one yummy bread for the cause! Thanks! :)

NĂºria said...

Hey, a great cooking technique!!!! and soooo easy and flavourful... I love it :D

A very nice blog :D. Will visit back for sure!

Chibog in Chief said...

i normally don't eat fish, but bangus is the only fish i have learned to love! i love this healthy alternative way of cooking! i love papillote cooking!! delicious!

PG said...

that looks so yummy! Would love to try it out. :)

Ivy said...

I love this method of cooking fish. The fish looks delicious.

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Thanks, Nuria!

Welcome back, Dhanggit!

Hello PG! I hope you get to try it!

Thanks Ivy! See you in WHB!

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