Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scrambled Shrimp Omelette

This blog truly promotes healthy food, and healthy eating habits. As part of that, we are also for choosing fresh and organic food, if available. Fresh food, meaning, we have to consume the produce and fresh food we buy as soon as possible.

But of course, sometimes, I goof up. Sometimes, tiny little bags of 'I don't know what' gets pushed to the back of the freezer, and promptly forgotten. Just like this tiny bag of shrimps! I probably used some of the bunch a few weeks ago, and then poof! Good thing it reappeared today :) Actually, I make it a habit every week to check what else I have forgotten inside the "deep freeze." Or else, these little bags may never surface at all!

So, I am making this shrimp dish for the Deep Freeze Summer Challenge, year 2 by Chris of Mele Cotte.

When using frozen shrimp, sometimes we are not sure if they will turn "fishy" (malansa) when cooked. You know, they might not smell fresh anymore. The same may be true for other frozen seafood. So, what do we do to remove the "fishy" possibility? Let me share with you a trade secret. We can immerse the shrimps and/or the fish in Chinese cooking wine first. Take a bowl, put in the shrimps, and pour in the Chinese cooking wine. Make sure all the meat are covered. Marinate for around 15 to 30 minutes. Drain the wine and cook the seafood as usual. :) The fishy smell will be gone!

What to do with the small amount of shrimps? I turned it into an omellete. How uncreative can I be? Actually, we love omelette. Omelettes are very versatile. We can have them any time of the day. So Omelette it is.

I have shared with you our family secret regarding cooking soft, fluffy omelettes. You may want to refer to the post again. That is also the technique I used here. Only, I made a scrambled version today.

1/4 Kilo shrimps, shelled
2 T canola oil
2 eggs
2 T milk
salt and pepper to taste
4 T julienned carrots
4 T chopped green onions

1. Marinate defrosted shrimps in cooking wine, as described above.

2. Beat the eggs with the milk and salt and pepper. Beat very well and for a long time. Then add in the shrimps, carrots and green onions. Mix everything very well.

3. Heat up the oil in a non-stick skillet. Pour in the egg mixture. When the bottom (of the omelette) is starting to set, push the eggs around with a spatula. Keep pushing all the eggs while cooking, until all the eggs and shrimps are cooked.

Simple, fast, easy, yummy!

Also sharing this dish to the 101 Omelet Recipes launched by Sangeeth of the Art of Indian Cooking.


Unknown said...

simply lovely... now, all i need is a cup of steamed white rice... :)

Anonymous said...

What a smart way to use left-overs!

Sangeeth said...

ooo ...thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

cool, I love eggs and shrimps :D ... ah I wanna submit to 101 omelet but no time!

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

I love shrimp and eggs together: I always feel like there's something magical going on when they're together. Lovely.

tigerfish said...

This is easy one to do! Yay!

Beachlover said...

my favourite egg and shrimp omelette! talking about this dish I better make some soon.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for participating and supporting another one of my events. This looks great! Is it wrong to want to eat this for breakfast? :)

The post will be up sometime today, hopefully!

Lori Lynn said...

I love shrimp and scrambled eggs, don't know why I never put the two together. Great idea Ning!

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hi Mikky! Yup, its very flavorful, you need rice (or bread) to go with it.

Thanks Galatians! I'm glad you thought so, too!

Hello Sangeeth! I always look forward to your events, I learn so much from them! :)

Noobcook, there's still time to join the series! :)

Thanks JS, they do taste lovely together :)

Soli Deo Gloria said...

Hello Tigerfish! With our busy lifestyle nowadays, I'd also like to stick to easy to prepare dishes...

Hi Beachlover! Am so glad you like it too! I forgot to mention, this dish is also protein rich as well.

Chris, I always look forward to your events. :) Read the round-up already and so many dishes to try! :)

Thanks Lori Lynn, :) wow! coming from you, I'm grinning ear to ear...

Anonymous said...

Looks to have way more shrimp than eggs, there. Just the way I like it :)

Gloria Baker said...

I really love shrimp and prawns so this dish is a heaven!!! Love it! Gloria

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