Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photography Practice: Green Tea Latte

The latest "hot" drink in town is the Green Tea Latte. Green tea, as everybody knows is good for the health. It contains anti-oxidants and according to many news articles, it helps boost metabolism and helps you burn more fat and thus lose more weight.

I love green tea. When I saw packs of green tea latte (made in Korea) being sold at the supermarket, I did not hesitate to buy some. They were a bit pricey though... The verdict? I love it! It truly has that green tea flavor. It is creamy and smooth, though you have to continue stirring to maintain the smoothness. It is not too sweet, just the way I like it.

One day, I promise to make Green Tea Latte, from scratch and not from a pre-made pack.

I paired it with a savoury cheese bun from the neighborhood bakery. The pair made a yummy snack.

I'm sorry there's no recipe since yesterday. I have (oral) Translations duty tomorrow - from Chinese to English. So, I am a bit giddy... will be back on Monday. :)

UPDATE: Aug. 27, 2008

Mikky of My Finds was asking yesterday about the brand of the Green Tea Latte. I thought everything was written in Korean so I decided to take a picture of it. (Again, for practice :) It was only then that I noticed the small white circle at the upper left corner of the box - Damizle, with the letters spread all over the small circle. If Mikky had not told me it was Damizle, I don't think I would know it was Damizle!

I bought this box at the Landmark Supermarket in Trinoma. It costs 192 pesos for a box of twelve sachets. Mikky bought it at the WOFEX (World Food Expo) for 180 pesos. Sayang, I was not able to attend the Food Expo.


Unknown said...

Hi, I wonder if that's the same Damizle Green Tea Latte I got from WOFEX... :)

Unknown said...

no problem :)... anyway, i think it's worth it... their 10 Cereal Tea is also very good... :)

chumpman said...

I have always been fond of anything green tea flavored. Cakes, cookies, biscuits, sweets, ice cream and so. I only had green tea latte at Starbucks which is really pricey even though it was good. Let me take a look at supermarket and dig some home

Unknown said...

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