Monday, June 16, 2008

Jayce's First Birthday Party

Here are some pictures of my nephew and godson Baby Jayce-Jayce's first birthday party. The theme was "Under the Sea." And the party planner - Party Time - was really able to transform the Valle Verde 6 Club House into somewhere under the sea. The atmosphere was festive. There were lots of hanging balloons simulating bubbles. There was also a real bubble making machine (near the stage). There was a bubble show for the kids, aside from the balloon show and kids games. Everybody had fun, even the adults were gamely joining the kids' games!

This is Jayce's wonderful 2-tier birthday cake, beautifully made by Kitchen Crafts. It had simple cake base - just made of chocolate with marshmallow icing. But the decorations were prettily made. Just look at the different colorful characters! The characters on the cake were made using 'royal icing.' There were lots of lollipops with different under the sea characters stuck around the cake, some were made using butter cookies, some were made of chocolates.

Just look at these cute mini-muffins!!! Don't they look too good to be eaten?

Of course I am impressed with the creativity and the effort behind these because I am only an amateur baker (translate: home-baker). I do not know how to decorate cakes or use icings to make a cake pretty. Hmmm.. one day, maybe I might enroll in a cake decorating class... :)


Unknown said...

Pretty pleased seeing the frolic set up of the birthday celebration. Went for a vacation holiday party organized by our society member for all kids. It was a full day interesting competition contest. Hiring one of the affordable Venues in NYC was a great idea. Beverages, lunch, snacks and desserts were yummy too.

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