Friday, April 11, 2008

Dulong Omelette

Found some really fresh Dulong (they're eensy weensy fishes. Alamang is to shrimps while Dulong is to fishes) at the market yesterday afternoon. I do not know why the market at my area becomes alive in the late afternoons instead of the mornings. Seafoods and fishes are at its best and freshest in the afternoon - - which is actually good news for insomiacs like me who wakes up late because we sleep late.

I love alamang and dulong. I love any small fish. I believe they are nutritious, full of calcium, phosporus, iodine and other essential minerals. And they really taste great! They are very flavorful and sweet. Of course, we are talking about really fresh here. So I did not resist the temptation of these really fresh Dulong. The shiny moist grey mound was literally screaming "Buy me! Buy me!" I did not even bother to haggle with the vendor (sorry Mom!) I was really determined to buy the loot.

And so, I had this tasty breakfast today. I made garlic fried rice, from the leftover rice last night. I also made a relish of sliced green mangoes, tomatoes and onions, sprinkled with some dashes of Thai Fish Sauce (Patis). The Dulong, I made into omelette.

1/2 K Dulong
3 T minced garlic
1 onion, chopped
1/4 K monggo bean sprouts (togue)
1/4 C sliced leeks
salt to taste
dashes of S & B Japanese red chili powder
dashes of S & B sesame oil with chili
2 T flour
3 eggs, beaten

1. Mix all the ingredients together.

2. Fry in batches in hot oil.

3. Drain on paper towels when cooked. Serve immediately.

Hmmm... I paired this breakfast with a cup of brewed Benguet yummy. I should do this more often.


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