Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dou Miao with Dried Scallop Stir Fry

Look what hubby brought home from Hong Kong!

These tender snow pea shoots are always a family favorite. They look a little bit like spinach leaves. Only smalller, and the texture is different. We only get to taste it once a year when hubby would come back home from the annual Hong Kong Fashion Convention. This variety is seasonal - that is, it is only available in winter. It is different from the Tou Miao that we have here. What we have locally is this:

This looks more like the monggo bean sprouts, but tastes better than the monggo bean sprouts. This local variety is not bad, if you get the tender ones. But the snow pea shoots are a real treat! I think it is considered a delicacy in Hong Kong and China. Hubby said it is selling triple the price of brocolli. And so in honor of this once a year special delicacy, I sauted it with dried scallops, and with lots and lots of garlic.

1 bunch Dow Miao, washed (it is probably half-pound)
1/4 c cooking oil
1/4 c garlic, chopped (you can add or subtract depending on your taste)
2 slices ginger
1/4 c dried scallops, pre-soaked, softened, reserve the liquid
salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat up the cooking oil in a big wok. Saute the ginger slices. Wait for the ginger to turn golden before adding the garlic.

2. Saute garlic for a while. I do not wait for the garlic to brown. I prefer them half-cooked. Add the pre-soaked and softened dried scallops.

3. Wait for the wok to be really hot before adding the Dow Miao. Mix well, continue blending the leaves with the oil and scallops. Add the reserved scallop liquid if too dry.

4. Add salt and pepper to taste. Dish up when the vegetables are cooked.
Serve hot.


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